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I vent a lot so if youre new to following me, sorry pal

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I simply wish to live my life and collect cool rocks off the ground

Mufo: I won’t say their name but there’s a certain piece of shit who I have blocked and I hate them. I have them blocked everywhere and they can’t see my account because I blocked them.

Me, reading the post: Gee I hope this isn’t about me

if there's only one thing you need to about elon musk to explain his entire deal, it's that he once tried to persuade ford to allow tesla to use the model E name because he wanted Tesla's model lineup to spell SEXY.

He was turned down and had to settle with S3XY instead, which is maybe even more on brand for him.

The Internet taught me that the greatest workplace safety hazard is naked people.

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me: my memory is terrible

someone: (starts playing the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny)

me: old godzilla was hopping around tokyo city like a big playground when suddenly batman burst from the shade and hit godzilla with a bat grenade godzilla got pissed and began to attack but didnt expect to be blocked by shaq who pr

twitter thread re: NYPD cop robot weaknesses 

What country is this flag from and why do all of the cute nation state threat actors and APTs come from there?

i googled "link its my meme" and found the original and this is actually funny as fuck

Therefore, I posit that the Expendables Universe is the most terrifying vision of our world that could possibly exist and that the films are therefore the most morally reprehensible media known to humanity. Your Honor, I conclude by saying that we *must* destroy all copies of these films, but physical and digital. Thank you for your time.

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Hey! Two days ago I took $500 out of my savings to give to a family member to help them get back on their feet after a rough situation, (also offered them housing) I made a ko-fi goal to try to recover that, so a ko-fi or two would be swell if you can! :ko_fi:


accessibility ask - autistic exp gathering 

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Non-Western countries should not have to barter their workforce like commodities in exchange for vaccines during a global pandemic.
Health justice now. Access to vaccines for all, whether they are migrants in the West or countries in the Global South.


Microcheating? Thats when u cheat on ur partner with microorganisms, sorry if this helps

Urgent request by the United Liberation Movement For West Papua Interim President Benny Wenda in the aftermath of the torture and killing of the bros. Janius Bagau, Soni Bagau, and Justinus Bagau.

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