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All kinnies are valid. When you say they “have an illness” do you realize what you sound like? You sound exactly like terfs or truscum. And yanno what im just gonna say it. Its cause youre acting exactly like them. The cishets aint gonna like you anymore for shitting on another identity. They will laugh at the joke you made while stripping you of your rights but, at least theyre laughing with you and not at you i guess?

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A little reminder that I’ll go off on people for kin folx. Youre just as valid as anyone else in the community

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Incase you haven’t heard the news today, you are valid!
You deserve all the good that happens to you!
You will eventually thrive as the person you strive to be!
We’re all proud of how far you’ve come!

When will my crush return from the war? ("The war" in this case being anything other than paying attention to me)

distance was invented by cis people to keep transbian polycules from snuggling

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well I'm now out to my parents and my mom accused my partner of being a witch, which is both accurate and completely out of left field

Me getting on to see that the spammer is still leeching around

lizard money, for lizards only. you can use it, but its not worth as much if u r not a lizard. opinions?

re: PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) Show more

PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) Show more

joke (only because i do not have money) Show more

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Dear fellow #mastoadmin people: Please consider switching your instance to invite-only account creation. There is a troll who’s been spending this weekend going around from server to server, spamming people across the fediverse with links to their gynophobic screed. As soon as one admin closes their account they start a new one on another instance.

Thanks, and have a great week. ❤️

Hope these freeze peaches enjoy dying alone, unnoticed, and with a bellybutton full of crusty semen💅🏽.

"To block Nazi's just isn't lucrative"

Tusky blocks one Nazi instance pre-emptively.

*donations pour in*

You were saying?

"if you're an ally, don't expect people to be perfect, or you're not an ally" Show more

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Your Drunk Neighbours Yell About Sharting [4 HOURS] [ASMR]

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