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These are fine fine folx. I love them dearly. Everyone needs to know how much i fucking love them

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Gendered clothing is a shit idea and always will be :)

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I get epic gamer points for having more pronouns then there is space in my bio

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Incase you haven’t heard the news today, you are valid!
You deserve all the good that happens to you!
You will eventually thrive as the person you strive to be!
We’re all proud of how far you’ve come!

Fellas: is it gay to consort? You just being in accord or agreement. 🤔

To think i mightve been a jock had my back not caused me so much pain

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

Yellowstone National Park’s Sound & Video Libraries Are Free for Anyone to Use

"Yellowstone National Park maintains a collection of sounds and videos taken in the park that are in the public domain and free for anyone to use. "

On the rich buying citizenship in foreign nations 

It’s not laziness. Avoiding pain and injury is not lazy, it’s healthy. It takes going against every human instinct to purposely endure pain. I have been brainwashed into believing that I owe others self injurious behavior because the truth is inconvenient for them. No more.
So, preserving what I’ve got and enabling myself to do more calls for an assistive device. That’s literally what it’s for. You don’t need to be incapacitated to use helpful devices. (3/4)

Avoiding incapacitation is in itself a noble purpose. Am I convincing myself, or you?
I wonder how much less damage I would have done to my legs by now if certain people had believed me and not insisted I was just lazy. (4/4)

It’s time to admit: I need a wheelchair.
It’s not healthy to have numerous points every day where I want to go places, do things, work, get shit done, and then go “but I can’t, I can’t walk that long”. Rather, I can, I can actually walk longer and farther than anyone I know, but I’ll be in immense agony halfway through and it’ll take 2-3 days to recover. (1/4)

youtube poop quote, lewd 

dutch, cishet comments lol 

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

Also I hate when people say "LGB," like, there are only 2 types of people that say that,
1) old people who were around before the T was recognised, I don't mind too much, but I still mind a little.
2) Lesbians, Bi's, gays, and allies that are transphobic. Just. No.

Take it from a brit, The T is good

If anyone took the T out of lgbt+ in front of me I would punch them so hard my hand came out the other side

hhhh i think another £150 would be enough??? the amount of support i’ve gotten so far is amazing thank u so much

Me walking into a Pokémon Center in Tokyo: alright haha where are you hiding the Pokémon hrt lol cmon cough it up

Cashier: please buy a lucario plush and leave

you’ve heard of yippie ki yay.... but have you considered yippie ki gay?

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