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Gendered clothing is a shit idea and always will be :)

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I get epic gamer points for having more pronouns then there is space in my bio

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You guys like the slugs but will you like them when i point out that they are the perfect candidates for making clownsonas as well

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Incase you haven’t heard the news today, you are valid!
You deserve all the good that happens to you!
You will eventually thrive as the person you strive to be!
We’re all proud of how far you’ve come!

DOJ, employers can require women wear skirts 

using firefox and thunderbird as part of my resolution to only use software that has a fursona

become a leftist is fun one day you're 12 and going like "hmmm actually i think gay ppl Should be allowed to get married" and the next ur 22 and you can't consume any piece of american media because you can no longer force urself to ignore the inundated nationalist propaganda

@Dingy_Rat All you need to know about fitness:
1. Free weights
2. Compound lifts
3. You love the taste of kale now
I did weightlifting in college before time commitments forced me to quit and gain it all back, I'm an easy gainer. The husband loves it, though, and so long as she's happy... but anyways, yeah, that's really all you need to know to get shredded to the point of looking visibly problematic.

y’all really telling me the whole universe was in a hot dense state????? lmao. okayyyy

So if im a top, does this mean im actually the cross between bear and hunk that i always wish to be

alc, tv 

alc, tv 

alc, tv 

why content warnings are so important to me 

welcome to the cyberpunk future where your pants can disable your bank card

twitter is like youtube comments without the videos

Somebody is hacking road signs in New Orleans in the best possible way...

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