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I vent a lot so if youre new to following me, sorry pal

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I simply wish to live my life and collect cool rocks off the ground

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and guess what! it’s the same people talking about reopening facilities and not wearing masks who refuse to provide adequate safe sex education in schools

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when white trans people think theyre getting erased by black people they go hard af. you never see whites go as hard as when they perceive a black person turning on queerness

Respect this flag or go to hell. Black Trans lives matter because it sure as fuck isnt white trans people getting murdered.

Black Nonbinary people exist, inarguably have existed since before the whites arrived and forced the rest of the world to conform to their binarist standards and then also forced BIPoC to do the work to decolonize our genders and figure out how to exist and reclaim our own identities. Sit your ass down and let Black people exist without your judgement.

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People alter pride flags all the damn time for all sorts of reasons, usually for like personal aesthetics and I never see anyone get up in arms over that.

But white trans folk getting loud over black trans folk altering a flag for themselves specifically? And then having the gall to get up on their soap box about how it erases nonbinary people entirely??? Look at me being non-black indigenous nonbinary and unbothered because my black trans siblings wanna be included too

I wonder if anyone has done a review of a blockbuster movie or video game with an angry demeanor

URGENT: Black queer spoonie activist needs crowdfunding due to car accidents; care packages also appreciated 

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pedophile warning 

For my Black Trans Homies, a flag created by Raquel Willis

and for the Black homies who wanna celebrate #internationalnonbinaryday

people who don't have cats: cats are independent and solitary animals and--

luna when honey comes back from the grocery store: hi hello i missed you you were gone for so long *jump rub* what did you get it doesn't matter did i mention i missed you i sat here and waited by the door for you to come back :blob_cat_snuggle:

every youtuber is weak as hell. i would fold idubbbz in two between my thumb and forefinger. i would swallow jake paul without taking a bite. i would slam dunk the irish fucker through the hoop like its nothing

URGENT: Black gay man in RI seeks safe housing 

a bee was just buzzing around my head, they must have liked my hair

uspol shitpost 

eugen wants to implement geotagging so that my followers can find me and mercilessly beat me for my awful posts

Hey the administration just reversed its policy on kicking out international students taking online classes, the first time they've reversed immigration policy without a court order to do that

Monica Gagliano suggests that plants possess a sophisticated calcium based signalling network in their cells, and use that in similar ways to animals' memory processes. We ought to be cautious when we have a tendency to anthropomorphize behavior, even in plants, but we can't deny that even plants can develop habits. Intelligence is FAR from unique to humans. It's even not unique to animals.

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Really interesting example of a privacy issue highlighted on r/privacy yesterday:

> visited a roommate's place and was bombarded with ads about engagement rings when I used his wifi. I asked him if he was going to propose to his girlfriend and he was shocked I found out. Helped him install PiHole/network wide ad blocking before she found out.

I wish all the other #nonbinary people out there a happy #InternationalNonbinaryDay.

Remember: the white stripe in the #trans pride flag is intentional put there for us from the beginning on

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