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Where’s my rodent rodeo at
Rat pals
Trash traversers
Licking lads
🐀 :yell: :trash:

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October was a bust and November isnt starting out too well either.
This is as good of a time as any to give you local enby some cash while theyre down on their luck

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Incase you haven’t heard the news today, you are valid!
You deserve all the good that happens to you!
You will eventually thrive as the person you strive to be!
We’re all proud of how far you’ve come!

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Whats up with bulldonkery
I have the back and hip problems of a large dog but none of the fun features like a tail and ears.
I want a refund

normal girls:
-well-formed personalities
-intelligent brains

-country roads
-suck my toes
-send money too
-my venmooooo

seeking grunch please let me know if u have information on how to obtain

holy shit i just found a medievalist who writes about trans people as trans people holy shit holy shit i am losing my fucking mind how did it take me five months to find literally a single decent person in this bullshit ass field

garfield proudly reading the negative comments on his posts

this was in the shared media because apparently I felt the need to send this to my mother

cw: drugs

Some of the most annoying people among anarchists are those who get a smug sense of superiority from not caring deeply about anything and just shit(post)ing all over serious online and offline conversations.

Like, relax, you're not enlightened, you're not the new Diogenes. You're the same kind of insufferable as those New Atheist bros.

Caring about shit fucking rocks.

i hate most of my old drawing but this one is what the kids call 'a mood'

PSA about using social media safely, domestic abuse, stalking (-) Show more

Why in house if not playing with Evelyn, why alive if not playing with Evelyn, play with Evelyn now

I don't think the future is expending more energy on people that have no interest in building healthy communities.

We've wasted enough time on people who have no interest in anything positive and define themselves by how much drama and chaos they can instigate.

The future is building connections and communities with people that actually give a shit creating environments that are healthy and edifying.

Happy Monday, beautiful people. Welcome to the future.

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I can't believe they're going to fucking blow up Big Ben when the queen dies

look at the lil white heart-shaped poof of fluff on that tiny baby ;0;

ok im done :skounking: <3

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