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She repays her debts though! Someone in the group gave her a remedy for a small cold she was dealing with (bc she's poor and lives in crappy conditions) and so when the same party member was trapped under a large machine, she wouldn't leave him to go fight the Big Bad and helped lift the machine off of him.

She's also very mischievous, LIVES for schadenfreude, and is Chaotic Neutral (though really she's Chaotic Stupid lmfao)

Just figured I'd post this for funsies, just a profile icon of my DnD character, Nemesia Azuredge. She's half Tiefling and half Halfling, so she is rather small and often gets mistaken for a child (she's 23), which is extremely frustrating for her. She's a Beastmaster Ranger and her pet is a giant millipede named Millicent, whom she loves to itty bitty pieces :3

Oh hey about a month later and it actually got worse, I've been putting Aveeno eczema lotion on it and that's been doing some good, the only problem is that I wash it off almost as soon as I put it on (bc of my job and all)

Constantly washing my hands due to my job has led to very nasty, blistering dry skin and it feels about as bad as it looks


Small adopts!
You may change whatever you want from them once you get them.
Yeen and Dog are TAKEN! Retweets are appreciated!


I hope I don't forget my lunch for tomorrow, I made a salad I normally get at the sandwich shop, however I completely forgot to cook some chicken and buy eggs to hardboil so it's just spinach, cucumbers and tomato with a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar and black pepper. If I'm still hungry afterwards... well, I suppose there are still snacks in the cabinets at work? Hopefully? xP

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minis for friends sweetpeartea and bupzbie on birdsite !!!

my commission prices ๐Ÿ–Œ๏ธ:

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We are looking at houses close by where my husband will be working so that when we can afford to move, we'll move there. However, my place of work will become farther away, going from 20-30 mins to 50-60 mins. I'd either have to switch jobs, or convince the owner to open a new spa, which I hope can be the latter.

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