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#TransCrowdFund Help with Moving into a New House 

Hey, y'all. We're attempting to all move into a new home in Seattle and could really use some help financially. Any donations or sharing would be greatly appreciated! 💚

I remembered that Mastodon exists again.

I'm sorry this keeps happening. lol


I'm sick, y'all. This sucks. I'd like to not be sick now please.

Hey, woah, it's me again. I really need to start using this more over twitter, huh?

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nsfw art giveaway 

• I'm giving away furry cel color art w/ 1-2 characters exclusively to Mastodon users!
• I specialize in nsfw + size-related kink stuff, but can do sfw too!
• To enter, just follow me on any instance + boost this post + have at least 5 other posts on your account before the end of the giveaway on January 7th!
• The more boosts it gets, the more winners I'll pick on Jan. 7th!
🎁 50 boosts - 2nd winner!
🎁 200 boosts - 3rd winner!
🎁 400 boosts - 4th winner!

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on sex education timing, unnecessary cancer scares 

In my fifth grade class, a few kids were worried they'd developed breast cancer. There were informative ads on TV at the time describing hard lumps in one breast which do not move freely. They'd scoured the library. The working theory was that the drainage field behind our school held toxic effluent.

This was, of course, normal early breast tissue development.

Selectively hiding information from children about their own bodies is cruel.

Birdsite, feelings on Mastodon?? 

I like Mastodon as a concept, but dislike how discouraged I get when people don't click a little heart/star when I yell into the void about emotions or being horny.

Silly, I know. But I'm a person that runs on feedback.

Horny, shitpost, mild dysphoria? 

Yelling at my own tits to try and make them grow like how some folks work with plants by talking to them.

Gender/Sexuality Timeline Meme 

I had inklings of knowing something was up since my teens, but I was really deep in denial.

Helps when you actually have the words for it!

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Gender/Sexuality Timeline Meme 

1989 - 2001: Smol bab, doesn't understand sex or gender
2002-2010: I'm straight and I guess I'm a guy? Seems off, but whatever.
2011: Straight? Guy
2012: Straight? Guy?
2013: Lesbian?? Trans Woman?!
2014: Lesbian? Trans Woman?
2015: Lesbian Trans Woman
2016: Lesbian Trans Woman
2017: Lesbian? Trans Woman
2018: Grey-Ace?? Trans Woman?
2019: Grey-Ace Sapphic Trans-Femme Enby

Inside of me there are two cats.

Both are gay.

I still exist! I promise!

I keep forgetting to utilize this space.

Me @ @foxwitch: "You're not a Sys-admin anymore, you're a trans-admin."

Animal transformation 

I want my partners to rest their head on me, pet me, cuddle me. I could be their big, soft kitty cat.

It would be so nice.

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The neat word for the love of interesting anatomy and its effects on the spaces it inhabits that you should put in your day to day lexicon.


Animal transformation, maybe slightly graphic? 

Sometimes I wish I could feel myself transforming into a tiger. Just feeling my skin crawling, joints popping, fur growing, the whole nine yards.
I want to know what it feels like to be quadrupedal, to have paws, to have a muzzle and a tail.

In some ways, I don't even care if I could change back.

Instagram photo that you post


Being tagged on Facebook

(art by Petitepygmy and LuciousHargrave @ twitter)

Artificial Body, Horny 

You ever just want to be made out of nanomachines that can change shape and form and take on any color or texture and you can just be anything and do anything?

Just me?

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