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I hate eating takis with my fingers. They’re always getting All powdery and ugh. Well this is how I eat them cause I’m a taki addict. XD I need my fix!!!

I was wandering around the wasteland in fallout 4 modded and I stumbled upon a raider kneeling down looking at a grave, I decided to sneak up on him and when I shot him, he fell and then started standing up. I guess you can say this raider was running from death.


so lost in the sauce that the sauce is extra saucy 🍯

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Omfg I hate having to update a call of duty game! It takes forever 😒

Kinda weird getting back on call of duty. I do enjoy the multiplayer a lot tho :3

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Garsh, a cage sure does feel nice, even if it does become a bit tight at times 😅

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Me after drinking some delicious much needed water

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OOouughhhh I have Way Too Many Unsatisfied Needs, like being Dominated and having my Neck Bitten

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No big dick energy for me, outie energy is more like it 😙

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Mountain Dew me uwu 😂

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*Yips in horny* 🦊

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Can a sergal toast me some bread 🥖? They are quite the hotties uwu

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Totally me as I watch them puppies grow ❤️❤️ I want to shake them around 😅

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What's a Vixen to do on a Sunday ? Riding and yipping heh~

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When the horny appears, use the no horny spell.
It was not affective😅

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