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fellas, is it gay to astrally project?
i mean, u gotta get back into a mans body after 😳

Guys, is it gay to excite? It's literally arousing (someone) sexually. ☕️


I believe in freedom of speech but that includes freedom of assembly, which is what fascists forget. It is what secures people's right to join a group of any cause, and the groups right to ask someone to leave for any reason.

It is what allows things like the American Medical Association and state BAR associations to exist.

Which is why I love Mastodon it allows that freedom of assembly.


@velexiraptor i think we're forced into defending the status quo against fascism sometimes because we can't accept their narrative about censorship, which obviously intentionally misses the point in order to advance an agenda. Like when they invoke the first amendment as a response to online forum moderation or say big tech (in triple parentheses) is violating their rights when they censor their hate speech.

Meta but something genuinely positive 

Meta but something genuinely positive 

Fortune-teller: Ok so your card is the hung man
Me: Don't you mean the hanged man?
Fortune-teller: nope
Me: *pumps fist* yesssss

little do they know ive just been taking their money and giving them the names of towns in northern england

every day a libertarian think tank pays me five hundred dollars in unmarked bills to think of new slurs

A beautiful riff on a homophobic macro 

The Good Place spoilers 

and the thing about old corn pop was, he had a catchphrase, y'see, something he always said. and the way it went was "i wanna fuck a twink"

hell. if im not a thought leader. i am ok. it is perfect

Academia? More like "hack-ademia!" Ha! Thank you, I'll be here all week!

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