On social stigma and being weird 

On social stigma and being weird 

Discussion about my personal substance use and general psy discussion 

Discussion about my personal substance use and general psy discussion 

Making a podcast about architecture and beer, not because I necessarily care about either, just because "The Brew-talist" would make a snappy podcast title and I want to get in on it. It'll just be the audio version of domain parking.

Mastodon is a delicate and subtle dance where we all take turns being the shocked Steve Harvey on Family Feud to each other's posts.

Google Stadia 

@ldopa @Blakely they didn't doscover things on their own. Darwin was friends with a Guyanan lab assistant who talked to him a lot about the biodiversity of south america for instance, which heavily influenced his work and investigations. we just never talk about the PoC who were there the whole time because rich white man has the be the sole genius who worked this all out before anybody else. loads of things have been discovered more than once, but we only care when it was white Europeans who did it

hegel and zizek are both pokemon names

so is bookchin

@velexiraptor "Zizek, use the image of a big other!"
"I would prefer not to... Not with so few badges, that is."

@Thomas @ldopa @Blakely I am always blown away by how much more advanced non white people were before colonialism, because nobody fucking taught me these amazing things they did that were so much better than what white people at the time even had in loads of cases. white history attempts to make itself the default 'human history' when it's not at all

@ldopa @Blakely the haudenosaunee developed ideas of universal sufferage with a complex political confederacy. the aztec built tenochtitlan as a self sustaining city in the middle of a lake. the Inca used selective breeding to create crops that could survive in different climates, they then tested these in basically small trial run crop labs to see how it performed using the scientific method. an Ethiopian philosopher came up with basically the whole enlightenment, including the scientific method, cogito ergo sum and a bunch more, all on his own in a fucking cave before any white man. during the crusades the islamic world widedly used anti spetic plants to treat wounds and prevent infection. vaccination by exposing people to a dead form of a virus to provide an innoculation was developed and widely used in China for centuries.

but, again, white people didn't do it so who cares about these feats πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Instance block recommendation 

β€œPeople are revolting against the economic β€˜elites’ they believe have betrayed them”

..shit we gotta give them something if we want to continue doing what we do...

..like... a manifesto for a "more sustainable" capitalism!

"The organisation wants to prove that the goals of sustainable development and spreading prosperity to more people is compatible with economic growth. It will launch a plan to boost the skills of a billion people over the next decade."

"Listen," I say as you lead me to the town square in chains and I can see the mob engaging in some serious carpentry, "I understand that you're upset. Tell you what, I'm willing to give each and every one of you up to *and including* 5% off at the company store."

Just had a really good idea! Spelling people's names incorrectly in order to subtly convey criticism, possibly using symbols. For example, Bill Gate$, capitali$m, etc. The possibilities are really endless.

Thinking about waking the world up with an art piece about phone use, possibly something featuring Pikachu or Facebook. Just mulling it over.

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