In honor of now CWing shit that you really shouldn't need sheltering from, just a reminder that the Duwamish tribe, the original tribe in the Seattle area, still isn't federally recognized, they receive no assistance at all from the federal government. No land, nothing, despite still living in Seattle, and especially tending to live in areas of Seattle that have been industrialized & terribly polluted. The Duwamish river's still a superfund site. This shit is happening right here and now.


The reason I'm bringing this up is because the shit that happens to indigenous peoples especially is not even remotely "over," it is not "in the past," it didn't "end," it just became inconvenient for governments to emphasize, so instead they couch it in all sorts of other arguments designed to distract from how the federal government continues to do essentially whatever nasty shit it pleases with natural resources and tribal land. This isn't history, it's current events.

@Colophonscrawl related:

a warning to people who are already feeling depressed and overwhelmed, perhaps because there are only 3 hours of light each day where they live: Don't go rifling through other pages, specifically the China pages, they will make you feel worse and you can't fix everything, especially if you're severely distraught and depressed. Just find ways you can help, which is much, much more useful than becoming more sick.

And to people who don't have that issue: some of us need you to step up right now and do some things to help fix these issues, because others of us are overwhelmed and the things we can or are doing are not working fast enough

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