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Time for a new intro. Hi, I'm Colophon! 26, any pronouns, AMAB queer, furry (lion), partnered/married, anarchist. Examples of my posts' subjects:
- Shitposting
- Queer stuff
- The history of furry femboy art and gfur art history/styles
- Occult/esoteric stuff
- Writing, sometimes
- Psychedelics/psychonautics and neurochemistry
- Shitposting again
- Femboys again
- Feelings
- Advertising and why you should hate it
- Influence/heuristics and ideology
- Shitposting and femboys, now combined.

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Hey, I try to be good, so if I step on toes, please tell me and I'll improve, thanks.

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Notes on the early history of furry femboy art (a rough draft) 

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Got a great villainsona sketch from @distressedegg tonight, really pleased with how it turned out! An unassuming professor of occult studies, with of course just a harmless horn mutation, *definitely* not an infernal/diabolical/supernatural demonhost here to lead a villainous cabal of queers! Now, what would lead you to ever suggest such a thing? Just because a bookworm may have some popular classes doesn't remotely mean that he's recruiting all the local queers using occult fascination, right?

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Advertisting/Persuasion/Influence Discussion 

Your partner(s) should not have to babysit your crisis over your attraction to them. If you're unable or unwilling to admit to at least yourself and to them that you're attracted to them, that's fine, but you probably shouldn't be coming to terms with it *during* a relationship with them.

Waiting for the star trek episode where they meet hyperintelligent aliens that have language but not syntax.

@Colophonscrawl @MmeLibertine β€œI have a structured settlement and I need cash now” -seagull appears as the song plays-

people are always like "whats down there in the Fog Chasm. why do you climb down there." buddy how the fuck am i supposed to know, this shit is full of fog

@Colophonscrawl I need this one - as a sort of Jame-Bondian style villain, "smoking jacket" and oozing urbanity.

"The internet is an important resource, despite its limitations," I say, putting on a video titled "The Fellowship of the Ring but every time they say ring it gets faster"

Metal Gear Solid really got the nature of politics and the looming future. (A bunch of weirdo dipshits hurling nonsense at you until your brain breaks or you reaize that authority is basically everyone playing existential beer pong.)

have I mentioned the documentary about the health benefits of drinking piss called β€œurine good health” on here yet because that sounds like the kind of content you animals crave

has someone already done β€œgreat british vaping show”?

if not: great british vaping show

@Colophonscrawl where did you get this lost star trek episode transcript

I do not know who Gul Dukat is but whenever I see that name I think of a seagull with a lot of cash, which I think would make a fantastic Star Trek villain if you think about it.

I seriously just fucking mapped Scooby Doo onto Leary & Wilson's eight-circuit model of consciousness. I have been online too long.

The journey of Scooby Doo as a whole goes from Shaggy individuated mind toward Scooby superconsciousness (not in itself full enlightenment, but no longer ego-restricted), through the mechanism of integration (solving the mystery) of the shadow (the monster). The other three circuits are as follows:
Sixth circuit, morphogenetic, Scrappy consciousness
Seventh circuit, metaprogramming, Mystery Machine consciousness
Eighth circuit, non-local quantum, Don Knotts consciousness

Scooby represents the overcoming of the limitations of the lower circuits. He is verbal, and socially-minded, but although he clearly has a fully realized mind, he appears in the guise of a dog, that is, he has openly realized his "mechanical" or "animal," conditioned nature. When he asks "Rog? Rhere?" in reaction to someone mentioning a dog, he is displaying that he has transcended his ego boundaries and no longer identifies as 'merely' or 'just' a dog. Compare to Buddhist anatman, no-self.

The first four circuits have been suggested to have similarities with the last four, so it is perhaps fitting that Scooby and Shaggy are so paired, as both primarily emphasize the body. Survival, the first motivator, is represented in the form of scooby snacks. When first-circuit survival is threatened, all other circuits shut down (can't solve the mystery without Shaggy & Scooby). However, fifth-circuit Scooby consciousness raises all other circuits with it.

"No Jar Jar doesn't whip ass! You shouldn't just say that to people." - my mom

These four represent the four elements of Scooby, more or less, as a realized actor in the world, but it is by a continuous process of coming to terms with the world and its elements that Scooby discovers, indeed, "where he is." Each mystery represents an initiatory journey that Scooby must undergo in order to come face to face with his own psyche, "warts & all," in order to overcome his own fear. He reaches the fifth, 'neurosomatic/rapture' circuit, that of synthesis with one's world.

Daphne is the fourth circuit, the socio-sexual. Daphne is outgoing, socially-minded and extroverted; she is externally-oriented, group-oriented, and carries the signifiers of an initiated but still youthful adult, trendy for her time. She is still time-binding, but she is a more active and less heady version, she is an actor in the span of time by acting in accord with her time and the regulations of her surrounding culture.

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