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Playing Voltorb Flip in HeartGold again and it's like, imagine if Satan made Minesweeper.


Turns out trade rooms in pokemon home dont give you an option to choose who to trade with or if you want to back out.

Hope you enjoy that shiny emolga random Asian person.

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One of the best and most important things being trans has taught me is that it's a lot easier to care about other people when you care about yourself.

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Pokemon Fans in the Galar region are so fanatical that they are willing to sit through a hail strong enough that it can literally knock people unconscious just to watch live battles between strong trainers.

Grandma would like to go one day without someone threatening to eat her while trying to make a point about grammar and punctuation.

Can we have a moment of silence for the pokemon save I just lost while goofing around with CFW stuff? BS 

I'm watching anime for the first time in over a year and therefore am a real trans girl.

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I used to doubt myself a lot over stuff like, "How likely is it really that I'm ace AND trans?"

But u know what seems like less of a possibility? that like 90% of the planet is like cis AND het. That doesn't seem likely at all...

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My Name is Colleen. It means girl. It's a name that makes me happy.

What does your name mean? What does your name do for you? I'd love to know.


Laughing my butt off at immature variable names and typos I set in the python program I made to do my math homework calculations for me.

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