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Extremely cursed; kinda innuendo. 

Cute Idea:

Your dragon boyfriend has to be convinced that it is not the proper procedure to lay on the gifts. Christmas is the season of giving, and presents are not hoard material. He shyly agrees, but leaps into the small "Hoard' of plushes you got him come that morning.

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Yo, as I've posted recently, I've bought a Bowie Knife Marble Fade Factory New condition (I love it) and people started commenting and adding me :D

Especially this guy, he doesn't even own CS:GO, but wants to trade his M9 Bayonet for some Graffitis (sure he does).
The URL isn't even pointing to an actual steam profile (id/AIGNDLS doesn't exist) and the hidden URL redirects to

Nice try, scammers πŸ˜‚ :blobdab:

@Pixiel damn, one doesn't need a verification code to send a payment.
The only verification is the for digits on the credit card that PayPal deducts when registering with them.

RT @[email protected]

Artist Twitter, please be careful when selling your art! This dude tried to scam me and gain access to my paypal account. Please report him if he DMs you inquiring about art. Stay vigilant and keep creating! #artisttwitter


I bought a Bowie Knife Marble Fade and I need suggestions for a nametag :D

Send 'em my way please, I need some good ideas ^^

I was thinking about "TransRights" already...
(Limited to 20 characters total)

@Kavaeric That is one weird looking violin the character on the right is playing πŸ€”
I really do like the general concept tho.

I just hit my knee on my desk D:

I'm badly injured, someone call an ambulance to my position :blobdab:

nevermind, twitter doesn't let me arrange the images in a way for this to work

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