I haven't posted here in god knows how long again lol
It's ~30°C, I'm melting.
Please, someone throw icecubes in my aquarium D:

@bungoatbuns Yeah, I guess ^^
But I kinda don't like to be active much, and then "let it die" all of a sudden, you know? x)

God damn I'm inactive on here >.>
Last post was from almost two months ago...

That moment when you want to go on your PC, but you also want to stay in bed and cuddle with Blåhaj?

I hate that.

Oh my God, I'm way too effing inactive on here xDD

So I ordered a Google Cardboard on 28th Dec and it arrived on 3rd Jan.
It's pretty fun to be honest, the quality of the movies/apps for it aren't that great, it's rather pixely, but hey, it's a cardboard box that's for VR and holds the display of my phone ~5cm from my face xD

Also there are some great apps and movies for it :D

I got a user it running on my telegram account. I can use !ydl and a URL to get a video from YouTube and send it in the chat.
And it took me over 4 hours to make the video <=720p and make a thumb actually show up on the video...
It can't be bigger than 90px on either side so I have to resize the one I take from YT...

And oh boi, it works brilliantly now :3

I'm three hours late from Germany.
Happy New year's y'all :P

Extremely cursed; kinda innuendo. 

Cute Idea:

Your dragon boyfriend has to be convinced that it is not the proper procedure to lay on the gifts. Christmas is the season of giving, and presents are not hoard material. He shyly agrees, but leaps into the small "Hoard' of plushes you got him come that morning.

Yo, as I've posted recently, I've bought a Bowie Knife Marble Fade Factory New condition (I love it) and people started commenting and adding me :D

Especially this guy, he doesn't even own CS:GO, but wants to trade his M9 Bayonet for some Graffitis (sure he does).
The URL isn't even pointing to an actual steam profile (id/AIGNDLS doesn't exist) and the hidden URL 76561198132995164.cf redirects to steamcornmunuty.n-nu.com/profiles/f0XnK8x.

Nice try, scammers 😂 :blobdab:

I have given it the name "Oversized Lollipop" by the way :^)

@Pixiel damn, one doesn't need a verification code to send a payment.
The only verification is the for digits on the credit card that PayPal deducts when registering with them.

RT @[email protected]

Artist Twitter, please be careful when selling your art! This dude tried to scam me and gain access to my paypal account. Please report him if he DMs you inquiring about art. Stay vigilant and keep creating! #artisttwitter

🐦🔗: twitter.com/lilblackjxss/statu

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