really enjoying recently. bought it only last week thursday x3

Online's been pretty neat so far, too

nsfw artwork (no intercourse) 

Yay, another post after months of being silent :D

Got told that I don't make progress in the preparation for the first job market that gets paid for by the employment exchange (or whatever it's called).
Now I can idle the next few weeks as if I didn't already do that the last few months lul

Maybe I'll get more active here, will see about that

I haven't posted here in god knows how long again lol
It's ~30Β°C, I'm melting.
Please, someone throw icecubes in my aquarium D:

@[email protected] Yeah, I guess ^^
But I kinda don't like to be active much, and then "let it die" all of a sudden, you know? x)

God damn I'm inactive on here >.>
Last post was from almost two months ago...

That moment when you want to go on your PC, but you also want to stay in bed and cuddle with BlΓ₯haj?

I hate that.

So I ordered a Google Cardboard on 28th Dec and it arrived on 3rd Jan.
It's pretty fun to be honest, the quality of the movies/apps for it aren't that great, it's rather pixely, but hey, it's a cardboard box that's for VR and holds the display of my phone ~5cm from my face xD

Also there are some great apps and movies for it :D

I got a user it running on my telegram account. I can use !ydl and a URL to get a video from YouTube and send it in the chat.
And it took me over 4 hours to make the video <=720p and make a thumb actually show up on the video...
It can't be bigger than 90px on either side so I have to resize the one I take from YT...

And oh boi, it works brilliantly now :3

I'm three hours late from Germany.
Happy New year's y'all :P

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