nsfw artwork (no intercourse) 

Yo, as I've posted recently, I've bought a Bowie Knife Marble Fade Factory New condition (I love it) and people started commenting and adding me :D

Especially this guy, he doesn't even own CS:GO, but wants to trade his M9 Bayonet for some Graffitis (sure he does).
The URL isn't even pointing to an actual steam profile (id/AIGNDLS doesn't exist) and the hidden URL 76561198132995164.cf redirects to steamcornmunuty.n-nu.com/profiles/f0XnK8x.

Nice try, scammers πŸ˜‚ :blobdab:

I bought a Bowie Knife Marble Fade and I need suggestions for a nametag :D

Send 'em my way please, I need some good ideas ^^

I was thinking about "TransRights" already...
(Limited to 20 characters total)

I installed an app to install custom fonts on my phone and installed an apple emojiset because Android's pack sucks ass xD

I want some Amiibo Fighters for but I don't want to spend money for the Amiibos πŸ˜‚
So I'm making my own Amiibos from NTAG215 NFC Tags I bought on aliexpress.

The slot on the left center is missing, because I actually have a Lucario Amiibo :D

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