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Hello! I am Cilich! I am a half male fox half female dragon hybrid (it's complicated, but long story short magic) that is a representation of my more adult side! My adult interests are varied and numerous!

Here you'll typically see my various horny thoughts (and ooh boy are there a lot!) and things that would normally not be posted to my actual primary! I'll try to CW anything NSFW, but sometimes I do forget that anything posted to can be seen on the federated timeline.

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I like writing my stories for people to enjoy. Most of them are indeed based on my own personal fetishes and fantasies. Many of them are ambiguous (I try to avoid using specific gender markers in point of view stories whenever possible so the reader has an easier time inserting themselves into the fantasy if they choose) but some like the last batch of gender transformation are very specific so I do like to include multiple sides so that more people can enjoy it as well!

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I think the worst part about being a home nudist (or a nudist in general) is living in a household where not everyone wants to be exposed to that kind of thing, let alone participate in it. Sometimes I really miss living alone.

Ugh, do I have to get dressed? Can't I just lounge around naked all day?

Why can't there be such a thing as a slime bath where you just lay back and relax while a slime (or several) work over your body and clean away everything that's on your skin without actually harming the skin? Dirt, grime, body hair, bacteria, etc. Just have to make sure to wear a good water-tight shower cap because that hair is likely just as delicious as body hair!

Horny, dragon, genderless, lewd 

Horny, dragon, genderless, lewd 

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John Jacob Jingleheimer Joestar

「his stand is my stand too」

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Horny, food, possibly weird 

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