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πŸ“Œ Hi I'm Kirsche! I'm a dweeb whose circles of interest are primarily furry stuff, fighting games, and general retro tech (consoles, computers, etc.). I sometimes make things but I mainly just shitpost, procrastinate.

My social media links and other stuff can be found at

Mutuals can ask for links to my Steam, Discord, NSO, XLink, and other places we can be buddies on.

Pulled the transfer tape off two of the three, the top left one had a couple of the tiny detail bits not transfer but i cant even tell where they belonged so im not stressing about it. The possum one was being a bit of a hassle so im gonna let that sit a bit longer.

Overall I'm really happy with how they look, might order from Mugwumps again in the future if they've got something that can fit that middle gap

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Decals arrived and applied, gonna leave em on overnight. The dustwasher shipped today too

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oh god im hosting a charity fighting game tournament next week i thought i had more time to prep aaa

doin wrestlemania: the arcade game for a buddy's event to raise money for an LGBT support group in Puerto Rico

Screenshot, I wanted to post this from the 98 PC itself but unfortunately the button for uploading media didnt wanna cooperate

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so i found a web browser that can kinda go on the modern web, wasn't able to directly go to my instance's page but i did find brutaldon which lets me browse from a more Web 1.0 interface

Bluey having direct references to Vinesauce still blows my mind. The funny pizzapasta man and his swedish meatball fren having background cameos in a baby cartoon is hilarious

I've got like every other Guilty Gear except Missing Link with rollback now so I cant complain too much

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hey why the fuck does Strive Ky now get to play old Guilty Gear basically

a friend is showing me Season 2 Ky combos and it's making me really mad that they nerfed Sol into the ground so much (on top of just not playing like classic Sol)

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VERY SOON (1PM EDT) ACP Puerto Rico presents:
Puerto Rico EstΓ‘ CabrΓ³n, a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Fiona.
We are about to break $1,000 and it hasn't even started! There will be a break at 4PM between blocks.


hey yall i'm open for commissions!! husband is still looking for work, and I need to make $300 in October to pay the bills i'm responsible for

Avatars/Icons - $30
Full body, minimal background- $60
Full body, detailed background - $120

recent avatars:

recent art: #tsunderdogART

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