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I'm gonna open pixel art commission slots that are 20% off for the rest of the month.

Prices and Examples below, DM me if interested

Feel free to ask what I will/wont draw. NSFW is allowed but I am stricter with what I'll do and it probably wont be posted here.

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📍 Hello yes welcome to my geocities page. You will find the following:
🎮 Video Game Stuff
💾 Computer Stuff
🎨 Stuff I've Made
🔁 Stuff Other People Made
💬 Shitposting
📦 Miscellaneous Mundanities

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Just watch Nintendo add Mad Professor from Soccer Kid as a DLC fighter.

Okay probably a weird question but did any of your high school science teachers like to use SpongeBob characters when writing questions on tests. I had like two or three do this for chemistry and biology.

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Sharing this here in the hopes we'll get some traction.

We're moving all of our furniture and belongings out of our ex's apartment and to our friend's apartment today, and will be moving it all again to our new apartment likely in the first week of June.

At the current time though, we do not have enough to cover First & Last Month's Rent. So if y'all could boost or donate it would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like some art in return, please DM us and let us know!

Cant wait for the inevitable PR shitstorm when Netflix attempts Corporate Pride next week

Got the layout made but I'm probably gonna wait a paycheck or two to maybe commission someone for a painted look that'll probably fit the early 80s vibe

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Hey y'all, after popular request from the Poverty FGC (not really), i am proud to announce the long awaited Kabuki Warriors Parsec tourney thing of the millennium.......thing so that more people can experience this epic FG from 2001 for the original XBOX!!

(Links and info below)


for the life of me i couldnt tell you why im so fascinated by this console that's twice as old as me

i guess owning a console that has native ports of pretty much all the Golden Age arcade titles is cool but really what it boils to is

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kinda wanna make my own label for my 2600 UnoCart but it's already got one that's basically exactly what I'd do, i.e. a 1977-1980 black text style label

maybe to justfy it I'll comm a friend for artwork to make into a 1981 style label

I love finding weird homebrew apps like this.
IDK how big the scene is for the Style Savvy games I just like there's a save editor for the series

Windows will freak out and freeze then when you force reboot your PC it'll be like "update complete you now have the Skrunglebar, it adds a constant 3% CPU usage and getting rid of it requires registry tweaks that we WILL revert next update"

if i come across that fuckin 9MB discord upload of Morbius im turning that into a GBA video rom

Some friends and I are playing Super Kart Fighter on stream rn

modern fortune cookies are trying too hard, i just got one that said "Start a revolution" and it's usually slogany stuff like that when it aint trying to sell me bitcoin

i wish i was making that up a goddamn fortune cookie was trying to turn me into a cryptobro

Good news: I just bought the last copy that the store had if I'm reading the dev's twitter correctly

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maybe my breakfast should have been a little more than a couple poptarts and a coffee at like 7AM

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im trying not to snack much today since i havent had a chance to go walking this weekend but waiting on my food order to arrive is kinda unbearable. if i crack i guess i can see if i can munch on an apple or something that's under 100 calories

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