Need an animal-shaped gasmask? You are in luck! Check out table Q5 in the @furcon art show. This mask is located next to Scaleworx / Taku Dragon's golden accented bunny!

While some may have seen previous designs that used a green paint like this, please note that this paint is a bit different. It is fluorescent (glow-in-the-dark) as well as reacting to blacklight (UV)

Additionally, we have added a bit more safety to this one, as there is a battery-operated light within the area around each eye. Great for those dark club spaces or to prevent being a darkwad at That Thing In The Desert

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@Catwoman69y2k I am, of course, entirely smitten by that bunny. If I had the means, they would definitely be mine. ^_^

@porsupah Yeahhhh... I have already gushed aboit this mask to Taku (the creator). I can pass this compliment along to Taku. He needs to know that his rendering of a bunny is awesome...

@Catwoman69y2k Please do! I mean, sure, I'm biased, but even aside from being a rare example of latex lapinity, it's also such a lovely example of the art!

(Might they possibly be temptable over to Mastodon?)

@porsupah Yeah. Taku's bunny remdering is what I point people to (who email WGM wanting a bunny). Taku has really stepped out on the animal gasmask front, offering more variety for those that like this kind of thing.

you know, when it comes to the idea of people moving off of Twitter and onto Mastodon, I have not had very much luck from my suggestions.

@porsupah I think it's kind of like the furaffinity thing where, people don't want to leave a comfort zone because they are now using Twitter for their art and giving exposure for that art. it doesn't matter how shity the owners and moderators of Twitter are

also, even stego said that he wouldn't use Mastodon because the whole thing with instances is just more complication that people are not going to want to deal with

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