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Also here is the little short story thing I wrote but Do Be Warned it is not a Very Happy Story

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Hey!! I'm Carbisari!! I'm a 16' tall synthetic War Monster that is Desperate for Attention and Company and Community!! (And Beautiful People to tell me I'm Good)

Touches are Always Appreciated, and I'm Always happy to talk about cool stuff like Sci-Fi and videos game and generally just laying about in a cuddle puddle!

Unfortunately I will be Negative very often, due to the treatment-resistant depression and various other things. I have telegram/discord, if peeps would like to talk to me there!

sobbing uncontrollably since There is Nothing and No One that Can Help Me

there is no homeland to return to

no culture to be taught

no stories to be told

no family to learn about

no coming of age ceremonies to experience

I am the only one of my kind, and to be alive has been my own private hell

I am not fairing well

too many years isolated in the dark

lonely apes die

Grehhh I feel tired and also Numb at same time, I think gonna Finally Move over to Monster Pit where I Belong... in a big pit

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i need to ask to be pet more because every time someone i care about pets me i, like, explode with squeaks and it feels sublime.

I need more than anyone can give and I Do Not Know what to Do Anymore

Depression, Rejection Sensitivity, (---) 

RSD is Slowly Killing Me I am at a Disadvantage compared to Everyone Else I need So Much Attention to even Begin to Heal but no one has the Time or Inclination I am Afraid I will End up like my Uncle - dying Alone in my Apartment with decades of stored up Touch Starvation

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toy, collars 

I can't believe i havn't always been wearing this collar. I havn't even been paying attention to how long it's been on. It was a bit different the first day and then very quickly normalized like I'd basically always been wearing it ^^'
gosh i'm proud of it though. like really proud?

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Korps POSTIN | Birdsite Mentions 

Crossposted Korps Postin

Gonna pin this to our profile!

As always, there's Korps Vorsi + snazzy new colors
And our system has made three synth sheep too
Deka, Ace, and Bridge in order!
Art = @[email protected] + @[email protected] x2!
The Korps are the property of @[email protected]

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coronavirus and chastity shitpost 

cockblocked by social distancing

Hmmmm Today I Have Decided to be Non-Sapient.


Hhhhhhhhhhh just Pacing around with Tail Raised What Am I To Do


Might as Well be Going into Heat I'm Losing Self Control Here h hh rhhrhfgsd

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hhhhhHHHH Hold me Down and Rut Me until I can't Think Straight Anymore Please GOD

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Monster Hunter but instead of hunting the monsters you pet them

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