I think I got hit on while using my voice in Siege? That's a first.

The water bottle I was sipping on last night tastes like vodka. This is interesting.

I plan on drinking again. So it's definitely a taco night.

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After staying up too late last night, I'm going to need some strength behind this estradiol and mint tea this morning.


It's 19 degrees.

It ain't got any business being this cold.

am a b it tipsy. am sleepy.

good night.

Why am I already tipsy off like, 14 oz of a premixed drink?

I hate drinking any alcohol during the work week, but here I am anyway with cocktails.

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Good morning, thots.
Let's get back to bed.


Finally got my desk properly arranged yesterday. I'm still going to be OCD and work on cable management, but it's something.

I get this sinking feeling of loneliness every night, especially on weekends. I can't shake it and it's frustrating.

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Hey gang! Per our code of conduct, we request that folks not bring over twitter screenshots of random neocons just for the sake of dunking on them! We all know they’re dipshits, and although there are gray areas in what is worth sharing (e.g. opinions of public figures), we ask that you exercise your best judgment and try to discuss topics on their own merits rather than giving nobody rightwingers free advertising. We don’t have to spread their presence if we can discuss topics in our own terms!

Four hours of sleep seems sufficient enough. Hi.

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You know, it's actually pretty amazing when I see and talk to people I haven't spoken with in two years, and most of them admit they don't recognize my face or voice anymore.

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