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Hi quick reminder if you came from Tumblr: CW YOUR FUCKING PORN

That means not just hiding it with the "sensitive content" button, but putting ACTUAL TEXT to SPECIFY that there is sexually graphic content behind the picture filter.


Job hunting while also trying to transition is so frustrating sometimes. I just want to go somewhere that I know won't force my legal name, nor will I otherwise deal with vocally bigoted coworkers. Such is life in the bible belt, I guess.

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Sleeping 4-5 hours a night has its advantages.

Such as:

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I've been all about that early-to-mid 2000s pop music the last few days. I need help.

Is it possible for your heart to uwu?

New year, new me? Maybe.

Time to come out to my parents.

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2017: I did not have boobs.
2018: I now have boobs.

2018 was a good year.

I got treated like a girl again.

Unfortunately it was in a video game, which means I got treated like shit with inappropriate comments.

Well, today seems like a good time to start my Christmas shopping.

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@sky ask and ye shall receive

Merry chrispiss and thank you for running the server out of your pocket so we can have this space to yell about tf, horn and general furry stuff ^^

A few more hours, and I might just get myself inebriated until Christmas eve.

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