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Furries are great because it means I get to experiment with the idea of my own sexual identity through characters on the internet.

Cyberpunk Africana needs to be way more popular than it is.

People getting mad that Sonic Fox won the Gamer Award give me life.

I wake up and there's otherkin CWs everywhere, what did I miss

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I would rather be shot at for a living than work one day in this fucking joint holy hell

My first stream was a total fucking dumpster fire. Can't wait to do it again in a couple days.

I got off the treadmill from running and both my knees popped and now I feel like I could run again.

Also I shmell. Shmelly dog.

I was trying to go to bed early but then someone posted Stirner memes and now I'm laughing too hard to sleep.

The Proud Boys running in terror from a smoke grenade as the Anarchist Counter Protestors laugh hysterically at them was the best thing today.

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It snowed so much here last night that it took three hours to fucking shovel it god damn.

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Kero is under police investigation

this has been your good news announcement of the day

Wargaming people tend to be like, utter garbage with their opinions, who would've thought.

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