The Proud Boys running in terror from a smoke grenade as the Anarchist Counter Protestors laugh hysterically at them was the best thing today.

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It snowed so much here last night that it took three hours to fucking shovel it god damn.

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Kero is under police investigation

this has been your good news announcement of the day

Wargaming people tend to be like, utter garbage with their opinions, who would've thought.

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If you see an artists character in a shirt that says 'white rights are human rights', try to track down the original. It seems to be a smear campaign against the popular 'trans rights are human rights' shirt meme, as alt righters are editing them to fit their own narrative and ruin peoples reputation. Because people literally can't be bigger pieces of shit, I guess.

If you needed good news today, Gab shut down and it's creator went on a hate-fueled rant with racism speckled in on twitter.

If there ever is a second US civil war I'd want to be General Sherman but march even harder

I blame @creamsiclepanda for managing to phrase weight gain in a way I find kinky.

God dammit I need fewer kinks not more.

Anytime someone asks how you deal with racists just channel your inner General Sherman

Im not even entirely sure how one DRAWS this conclusion.
Like it's the next level of HITLER DRANK WATER

Only on the Internet can claiming that Capitalist doesn't best describe Nazi Germany's economic policies get you yelled at for
*shuffles his papers*
Being anti socialist

Reminder that while Sir and Ma'am are gendered pronouns, Citizen is gender neutral and also conveys a true egalitarian mindset.

Reminder that if you're a US Citizen it is 100% your responsibility to vote in your elections. Local, Regional, Federal, doesn't matter. If you don't want to vote, you may as well submit yourself entirely to the will of others, because you're going to be relying on everyone else to make the choice for you.
Remember 2016?
Don't let them do that.

When you sit down and do geographical and political research before making an RPG character because you care more about making your character come off as authentic more than making food.

The best thing about metal is you can google literally any combination of words and 'metal' and find at least one band

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