tbh we have

a lot of feelings about outwardly being a system

we haven't really been in an environment for very long where we felt like we could talk about it

sometimes we feel like maybe never talking about it any more because we don't wanna like, bother others?

i wish we had a better icon on here tbh, one that encompasses all of us

but idk what that would be

we haven't really used this account in a couple years

so most of our posts are Super Old and i don't remember context for a lot of them

Polyam Things 

my husband: maybe you want a girlfriend

me then: eh idk, maybe

me today: oh maybe i do want a girlfriend

people on TH stop messaging me asking to ship your OCs with my sonas

again this place is for our whole system as it's our old masto but

it's mostly for me because i want it the most

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this is gonna be the place Ozzie posts the most often tho tbh

he likes it here, and he likes the user we have here

if you get a follow from me, hi i'm also @Xenoclaws

this was My First Masto that i remembered still existed, im trying to use it again

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