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Slight NSFW 

Finally joined the cool kids and got a commission done.

Such a certified good boi.
Find Bara Daddy on Coeurl if y’all play FF14

Art done by @mxmanagement.
You can send them love over on Twitter

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What a good day it is to stay off of Twitter.

Dear Evan Hanson 

I won’t lie when I say I already found Dear Evan Hanson to be horrifically ghoulish but to then find out that Connor was heavily implied to be queer in the book?

Just made it hit a whole new low for me. Like I could rant about the weird “haha no homo” homophobia underlying the whole stage play coupled with the plot literally hinging on the erasing and overwriting of the history and memory of a queer kid who took their life.

It’s all pretty fucking lame.

Birthday nonsense; mh~ 

Why do I do this stuff to myself. I already feel so isolated and alone and most of the day has passed and not one of my closest friends wished me happy birthday.

Such a minor issue that could be resolved by speaking up on my part, I get that, but instead it almost feels “better?” Being proved “right” that they really don’t give a fuck about me

And I of course found out last weekend my partner made plans to be out of town this weekend.

Forgetting that it was my birthday.

So double fuck me I guess :blobcat:

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Me finding out yesterday my family is going out of town this weekend.

My birthday weekend…

Fuck me I guess :blobcat:

Shout out to furries for being one of the only communities that make you feel attractive and sexy when you aren’t a slim twink or muscle god.

That is to say, that’s where you find that real body diversity and I am thankful for feeling cute because of it.

Finally got to digging into Outer Wilds after all this time and it’s already been such a magical adventure. Even though it’s a year or two old I think it might just steal my heart for my 2021 GOTY

Venting about work 

I sure love how my boss thinks it’s a fucking game and a haha funny joke to tell clients that I’m not handing their messages off to her to excuse the fact she doesn’t return their calls.

She has a great time potentially destroying professional relationships of mine while making them think I’m an incompetent employee

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I already knew it but it kind of just hit me that shitty disingenuous capitalist performativism from multi million billion dollar companies are really just a pipeline to radicalization.

Like people are mad at companies but then go “ah yes we shouldn’t be mad at the companies or capitalism actually but instead marginalized groups and people”

Like hello no one demanded you turn the sexy ladies into fruit but apparently it’s our fault and not just Blizzard doing disingenuous performativism


Nothing quite like lying about why you’re sad so you can be publicly sad without invasive questions and downplaying why you’re really feeling down.

Probably a bad habit but in the situation I’m in I do what I have to

“Yeehaw, it’s your neighborhood cowboy, Cole Cassidy.”

Is what I imagine one of the new OW voice lines will be.

Jokes aside, what an awful replacement name. I always liked the idea of naming him after his weapon “Peacekeeper”, but what do I know.

Talking about lewd stuff 

Sometimes I consider posting lewd stuff for the sake of exhibitionism, body positivity, and affirmation but like…

Is that too much? Is it for the wrong reasons? Is it gauche to never show your butthole excepts for sometimes?

Just something I’ve thought about for a while tbh. I haven’t found my answer yet

I hate the trend of massive companies rushing to hide anything that would remind their base of all sex scandals and company-wide harassment being labeled as “the SJWs asked and forced them to do this”

And I’m over here like, “we definitely weren’t all that bothered, but pop off sis”

I take your squid game and will raise you one Kaiji

(Go watch Kaiji if you can handle it)

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Jank concept doodles while I figure out my final direction for this project

Dear Evan Hanson is a not good musical

Treat yourself and go watch Into the Woods instead on YouTube. (Whole show with original Broadway cast available for free)

Just thinking bout and remembering how MatPat excused all of Scott Cawthon’s big campaign donations going to anti-LGBTQ politicians because ONE out of all of them on the donation list wasn’t anti-LGBTQ.

And that meant that obviously that was just secondary and the anti-LGBTQ stuff was just an oopsie side effect of wanting to “fund a strong military”

What a bad fucking take and excuse

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