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pro tip: if you get ranma'd but you only want one of the two forms, just coat your entire body in waterproof lacquer for the rest of your life after touching some water of the preferred temperature #lifehack

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs but the personal accomplishment and prestige level is replaced with "art of fursona"

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The good news: now that I'm using Clue to track symptoms, it seems like the onset of random cramping tonight confirms that my period is indeed pretty regular

The bad news: it's regularly every 20-22 days instead of the average 28 😥

I need a trans version of grindr for, like, idly cuddling while watching Netflix or playing different videogames next to each other


Small Loves is now accepting nanofiction submissions under 500 characters (think two tweets) to sprinkle between the larger works!

We clarified to add that there's no limit on nanofiction submissions, and that you can submit more than one per document (just still needs to be something we can download!)

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popping around the home screen (quick gif of princess farmer moving between the different spots of her farm screen)

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[gauntlet announcer voice]
Blue pupy needs cuddles badly

[McDonald's jingle voice]
Ba da ba ba bah
I'm gay

Soft sleepover for girls and nonbinary folks please at my house tonight

I wonder if I could put people in good headlocks now

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This avatar legit gives me gender euphoria

Hello metal husband

Do not tell trash hulk about our relationship

Shitpost, genitals mention, sfw image 

Azure wearing shorts that way "YCH" on each of the inner thighs

taz: amnesty 

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