[black screen]
Quiet voice-over: Words aren't just words
[cut of a dark hallway. Something white flits by in the background, too fast to see]
V/O: Words have meaning
[cut to the word IS]
V/O: Words have power
[cut of a scared teen in a retail outfit with a nametag reading DEREK. a flash of white and the name has gone. moments later the boy begins melting before camera cuts away]
V/O: and *they* know how to use it
[the words BABA and YOU fade in around IS
then beneath: MOVIE IS SUMMER 2020]

[moment of silence after title, blackness]
[then a dark room. the word DEREK, written exactly as on the nametag, hovers over a table.
A white limb sticks out, shaky and hazy, hard to see.
it pushes the word DEREK slowly through the air. The camera pans and we see BABA IS also hovering over the table]
[cut to a group of scared teens. Derek, apparently unmelted, bursts in]
Derek: [panting] it's okay, I found a way out. This way!
[the teens run out. Derek smirks at the camera]
[cut to black]

Movie poster tagline:

@AzureHusky how did I get so excited about an imaginary trailer for a fake movie

@AzureHusky honestly if there's a game that deserves the "haha what if it was reeeeal" short film treatment, it's Baba Is You

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