I can't believe Kingdom Hearts 3 has a cutscene that is Donald giving a several minute monologue about his cloaca

[Donald voice] Sora you should know by now that all my waste comes out of the same hole why are you giving me that look

@AzureHusky Im, Can't,,,,


adfhjdhjh ahahahahahahah i'm dying x3

@heytanuki [goofy voice] Sora it's totally natural I've got one too ahyuck

@AzureHusky [literally spent the last 20 minutes unable to function because you brought this back]

[also the CATS posts let's be honest]

I can't believe the day finally came when Blue would be cancelled

@stellarstag you either quit social media as hashtag goals or live long enough to be canceled

@AzureHusky ..... What.... No way this is real.... Is it?

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