When a trans person tells you that "guys" or "dude/s" is misgendering and hurtful don't respond that you think it's neutral because how you feel about it is literally not the point thanks

Working "dude" out of my head as gender neutral has been a struggle that I've only recently gotten over. I felt so guilty the first time someone pointed it out to me and pretty much instantly tried to find an alternative x.o

@NinTheFolf I'm glad you worked to improve!! Thanks for doing that work.

@AzureHusky truthfully not sure how I feel about pal or mate, like it feel gender neutral, but really not certain.


Thank you :). There are so many gender neutral words that can refer to groups or more than one person, but 'male' has become the default for no /good/ reason in my opinion.

There's plenty: folks, folx, y'all (a favourite of mine), everyone, people, them (as well as being a singular it can still be plural too ~.^) and I'm sure many others that I can't think of right now, lol.

@AzureHusky this is legit why I used to address large groups of students with, "hello, people of Earth!" back when I still taught. Funny/informal, sets the right tone, and IT DOESN'T HAVE A SPECIFIC GENDER ATTACHED TO IT.

There are so many other options, why go with the one that's coded male?

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