Commission idea: azure having a treat placed on her nose and trembling while waiting to be told she can eat it

The treat is labeled GENDER in big block letters

A Starbucks with a "no dogs" sign on the door, Azure bursting out with an armful of Frappuccinos yelling "fuck the system"

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A frazzled owner turns their back for a moment and Azure knocks a bottle of estrogen to the floor and starts rolling in it

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Someone quizzing Azure on math in exchange for treats and praise
"What's three plus three?" Six barks
"What's 450 divded by 75?" Six barks again
"What's the integral of four x-cubed minus two x evaluated from 1 to 2?" A short pause, then twelve barks.
"Good girl!!"

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Azure's owner placing a big bag of coffee beans on a high shelf and telling her not to touch them

The same owner coming home later that day to find Azure wagging her tail and rolling in a mess of coffee beans and scraps of torn bag

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Sunday evening, Azure builds herself a fort out of board game boxes and declares work will never find her there

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Azure burying the number 3 dilator in the backyard after a year post-surgery when she won't need it anymore

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Azure keeping an eye on her phone with Pokémon Go open and barking excitedly to get people's attention when a good raid opens nearby

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@fluxom_alt thank you my fursona inspires me to be the bumbly pupy mess

@AzureHusky god I wish I could rn, but between the work I already have and caring for my partner I really shouldn't try to shove MORE into my schedule yet

@fluxom_alt oh totally!! No pressure and I'm better off saving the cash for holiday gifts anyway 💙

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