I fucking love trans people so much.

I don't know anyone other group who do honestly and joyfully pursues *who they are*, what they want, as trans people. I'm not even talking about in gender. So many of us have, in realizing we can break out of our assigned gender, realized that none of the boxes we are forced into have to apply. We patch together amazing, unique selves out of our real, honest interests and desires. Its so fucking beautiful.

@AzureHusky Once you realize that you don't need to fit the gender that society assumed to be at birth, its not a far reach to realize that all the other societal expecations are garbage and you should just embrace the things you love about life.

@AzureHusky Case in point: I used to be embarassed about being a furry.


@sylverfyre yeah same. Now whatever, it's 2018, gender is a lie and the world is on fire who gives a shit if I think animal people are cool

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