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I have put off a lot of the big things: I kind of petered out after my drivers license and passport. So this summer I gotta get my permanent residence, birth certificate, social security, etc all changed

Tomorrow I'm going to the Nexus office to get my name and gender finally changed on my account since I can't renew until I do so. Bureaucracy stuff always makes me anxious even though I've done everything "right" and have a name change document and a letter from my doctor and everything.

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I watched the first few episodes of Aggretsuko S2 and was less into it than I used to be? I think Tuca and Bertie covered a lot of the same things that I enjoyed about Aggretsuko about being a woman in the workplace, bonding with other women, dealing with sexism and such and did so in a manner I identified with more and felt less dragged down like the Unrequited Love Nice Guy syndrome of Aggretsuko

Oh thank goodness. I didn't post about it because I didn't want to stress people out but my datefriend's cat escaped a couple days ago but came back this morning. My datefriend was really a wreck over it so I'm so glad

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I played a few hours of Pyre. Its neat and also intensely fucking weird

[Lou Bega voice]
A little bit of estrogen in my thigh
A little bit of not being a guy
A little bit of stopping all my T
A little bit of being called her/she
A little bit of skirts out in the sun
A little bit of dilating my cunt
A little bit of being super trans
A little bit of being a woman


*carefully noses the Switch into a place where she can bap the buttons with her paws*

*takes her pile of bills and responsibilities and chews on them and then blames it on the cat*

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