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Finished "On a Sunbeam" and sobbed through a bunch of the last couple chapters

Good fucking book

A piece for @kelseyhusky !!! Several times while making this I thought "well hrm this seems like an excessive amount of hydras" but the hydras are losing so clearly it's not enough

#mecha #furry #sciencefiction #queerartist #transartist

The only reason for mansions to exist is to hold all our ghosts

Buying gift certificates to be bitten by local werewolves after social distancing ends. Support your local cryptids!!

COVID, GRS, masturbation 

The Besties made the mistake of asking people for their opinions on the most underrated Resident Evil game so I just sent a gushing email about Resident Evil Revelations 2 because that's who I am as a person

Hand shakes arent allowed anymore so I guess we just gotta *tips hat* mlady

art wip blahlahblahblahblah 

Furry transformation art, mild 

Furry art 

dude look at this fucking guy. hes so fuckin cool. this dude owns

Reading the graphic novel "On a Sunbeam" by Tillie Walden and it's really soft and good

Today has been sleeping late, taking the dog to the park, reading a graphic novel, eating delivery Thai food, and playing Terraforming Mars online with my comet partner so it's been a really nice day

Got to talk to my comet and play board games online with them for 2 hours and my weekend is drastically improved

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