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Felt so nice to have datefriend over and get good cuddle time. Definitely have been low on physical intimacy for awhile. Felt so nice and comfy I kept wanting to just nod off on them

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The new she-ra has my datefriend and I just *screaming* at the tv from the sheer gayness happening

the nail result!! pastel nebulae, encrusted with jewels

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GRS, D/s related Shitpost (image sfw) Show more

About to see Ralph Breaks the Internet since we have the day off

I added a background! Moomins seem to need the rolling green hills tbh


Give me a program where Nintendo lets me buy and download a game but then if I don't open it within 30 days of downloading it they quietly delete it and refund me

I think I'm more excited about downloading new games than playing them

The problem is largely me. I don't think i have "videogame that takes more than 12 hours" in me anymore

I'm sorry I have to confess this somewhere


I'm finding Pokemon Let's Go to be kinda boring

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me exactly two years ago, talking to my ex-husband: i-i think... i think i might be a woman, and... and i might wanna transition...

present me: *standing in the corner my ghostly form smiling and nodding like the end of star wars vi*

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