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To parse the syllables correctly that requires the less classy pronunciation of "w" as "dub-you"

@minty_da cis people: *through sobs* you can't just say everything is a gender
dee: *points at deer* that's a gender

This year
To save me from tears
I'll toot with cw: horny

Last Christmas
I sent you a toot
The very next day
You gave me the boot

kirin wrestler smushes someone 

I met people off Growlr?!?! I *fucked* people off growlr??? It feels SO distant to me now

Whoops a page or two of this script is me working out feelings about m4m hookup experiences from when I was not a girl whoops

There's a minor character I'm writing for a page or two of this script that is kind of a dick and I dont like him

trans meta? 

In Canada we don't say "I love you", we say "I'm sorry, would you like some of my poutine?" and I think that's beautiful

Her superpowers are activated by self-care products

"no one cared who I was until I put on the moisturizing mask"

Transfeminine superhero who gets her powers by falling into a vat of experimental super-glitter

I tend to write very off the cuff but doing a script has required me making an actual outline and everything

Another #GuineaPig pic, this time with Calliope looking less desperate, perhaps because she found Clio's snack stick

Due to lots of questions recently, I'd like to clarify some of our philosophies regarding instance blocking:

In our CoC/ToS, we state that we may block instances that don't abide by a CoC/ToS similar to our own (and we have always been clear about what is acceptable behaviour for β€’ART).

This includes instances that don't moderate their users for harmful ideologies under the banner of "free speech".


#Housekeeping #MastoAdmin

grs, nsfw 

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