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Me in bed last night: fuck people like Love Bite so much I'll never live up to this again
Me today: [now has ideas for two sequels to Love Bite]


NSFW-ish image, bondage, lingerie, mild vampire-related blood 

Barret: You can't just keep him in a cage!!
Tifa: he has a jukebox and the darts minigame, he's very happy in there

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Aerith: [holds up bahamut materia] can I give him a treat?
Tifa: oh that's too big for him, you have to break it into little chunks. [Holds a Lightning materia up] now speak boy, speak!
Cloud: let's mosey?
Tifa: good boy!!

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Aerith: [taps the glass]
Tifa: please don't do that it's very frightening for him

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I'm watching a professional conference where a presenter keeps saying "cloud ecosystem" and it just makes me think of a big terrarium with Cloud Strife in it

talking in our group chat today after the panel about self-depiction stuff and gender and @AzureHusky reminded me of this piece i drew for Witchsona Week back in 2016, which doubled as an announcement that i was legally changing my name and which still FUCKING OWNS

ANYWAYS, we DID at least get the RADIOACTIVE and RAYGUN pins in! let's take a look at those.

The RADIOACTIVE pins look sublime! The eye-sizzling neon yellow dyed metal complements the design perfectly, and the recessed surface of the soft enamel feels as good as it looks.

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Magical heart power!! (Commissioned work)

I *really* like how this one turned out and it was really cool to do! The outfit is like a mix between sailor moon and lip from panel de pon, but with this character's color scheme instead

Stacy's Mom, i think she's donkey kong
It freaks me out that she's so wicked strong
She chased me up a tree
Tie's the only clothes i see
It's true I could be wrong
But I'm pretty sure she's Donkey Kong

nudity / bondage 

Promo: link to, gay erotica 

Selfie, no eye contact 

demonic drawn ec 

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Sfw sapphic webcomic 

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