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Me in bed last night: fuck people like Love Bite so much I'll never live up to this again
Me today: [now has ideas for two sequels to Love Bite]


OMG, I just read @AzureHusky 's

It's so amazing and queer and incredible! Wow!

NSFW-ish image, bondage, lingerie, mild vampire-related blood 

Good news to everyone who wants:
-Sapphic sex
-Unorthodox kink
-A hot lesbian vampire
-A trans woman topping her girlfriend
-A character with a realistically and lovingly written trans body, including neovagina/vulva
-Feelings about body changes

Love Bite is out NOW on Itchio

Barret: You can't just keep him in a cage!!
Tifa: he has a jukebox and the darts minigame, he's very happy in there

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Aerith: [holds up bahamut materia] can I give him a treat?
Tifa: oh that's too big for him, you have to break it into little chunks. [Holds a Lightning materia up] now speak boy, speak!
Cloud: let's mosey?
Tifa: good boy!!

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Aerith: [taps the glass]
Tifa: please don't do that it's very frightening for him

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I'm watching a professional conference where a presenter keeps saying "cloud ecosystem" and it just makes me think of a big terrarium with Cloud Strife in it

talking in our group chat today after the panel about self-depiction stuff and gender and @AzureHusky reminded me of this piece i drew for Witchsona Week back in 2016, which doubled as an announcement that i was legally changing my name and which still FUCKING OWNS

ANYWAYS, we DID at least get the RADIOACTIVE and RAYGUN pins in! let's take a look at those.

The RADIOACTIVE pins look sublime! The eye-sizzling neon yellow dyed metal complements the design perfectly, and the recessed surface of the soft enamel feels as good as it looks.

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Magical heart power!! (Commissioned work)

I *really* like how this one turned out and it was really cool to do! The outfit is like a mix between sailor moon and lip from panel de pon, but with this character's color scheme instead

Stacy's Mom, i think she's donkey kong
It freaks me out that she's so wicked strong
She chased me up a tree
Tie's the only clothes i see
It's true I could be wrong
But I'm pretty sure she's Donkey Kong

nudity / bondage 

Just a cute alien in her spaceship... all tied up in her bed 👀 ✨

Promo: link to, gay erotica 

If you like hosting things that make Apple mad
Gay sex
Characters with anxiety
Making questionable choices because you have a crush on a hot person
Light bondage

Then I've got great news on what I've just put up on Itchio

Selfie, no eye contact 

Sappho trying to do her weaving like

demonic drawn ec 

@extinct did this!!

That's me as a demon
That's me on a gold throne
Holding my composure
Trying to steal your soul

Kneel before the demonic THRONE, happy birthday to ME, I am THRILLED

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Sfw sapphic webcomic 

Have been reading a sapphic webcomic (unfortunately set in high school like 99% of webcomics about queerness) and they've reached the obligatory "innocent sleepover but with feelings" and aaaaa

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