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On top of that I've had two crying fits over body hair dysphoria today so can I just get a redo on the weekend

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Got told I'm an exclusionist who hates myself by another trans woman because I said I had male privilege in my life when I considered myself a cis man if you're wondering how my evening is going

The mood whiplash of Fire Emblem 3 Houses is ridiculous

-Teach students so they bond and meet their educational goals!
-Go fishing!
-Take teens to murder people for the church!
-Time for a tea party!!!!

Oh no the new babysitters club has a really kind and sweet bit about transness and I am having feelings

this is a horny pic. two furry ladies hanging out at the club. but also like, their dresses are really high cut on the skirt and yeah okay I drew notable girlbulges again, so sue me. Also there's alcohol in this one. 

Yea I think I decided, kobold gonna have the big poofy mane

Taking my Saturday to do big grown-up things like start watching the babysitters club reboot

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my comet partner is moving within a few hours drive of me next year aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat:

I love the megabunnies and am ok with that being how I die

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Ruthie hasn't seen Kipo so we're watching Season 1 with them to prep for watching season 2

A fantasy roleplaying game where you're all helpless gay people looking for soft feminine focused lovers 

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