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i know people often think of bumblebees as very safe and gentle but do NOT fuck with us because we WILL cry

Sonic the Hedgehog but just like a real hedgehog he gets his own poop all over his feet and needs to be given baths

I'm pretty sure that my next tattoo is actually going to be the Made in Canada logo I joked about getting on my mons and I don't know how to feel about this

The Adventure Zone Balance spoilers 

Booked hotel room for Furnal Equinox so I'll see some of y'all there

The Adventure Zone: Balance news clarification 

Food picture 

Excuse me body you can't make a chest zit that shows in v neck t shirts. That's transphobia

I can't believe Azure is the new Smash character

[ Lizzo voice]
I like pig boys
Little kitty boys
Big ol' pibble boys
Sassy badger boys

YouTube link, lizzo, mcleroys / monster factory 

The other day I heard "Angel in the Centerfold" and I had remembered that it sucked but lemme tell you re-listening to it its the fucking worst

Selfie, eye contact 

Having a good friend over tonight and we are gonna bake cookies and play board games

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