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So you don't repeat Twitter's mistake: this makes me happy and I don't give a shit if you think the shades aren't quite right for trans pride

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I said a mouse would help with my online d&d so my spouse got one that's trans pride colours for me

I don't go around recommending it though bc sorry "hey listen to these four cis* white** guys talk about videogames" is hard to sell

*As far as I know???
**I'm pretty sure???

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I really enjoy The Besties and given that they're basically being transparent that they can't get sponsors I'm prepping myself for them going on a several year hiatus again

Last night I was getting ready for bed and my reflection was a hot topless dyke and it felt pretty fucking great

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When you use brand new pronouns no one has ever used before are you a gendsetter

Today I'm wearing:
Sappho t shirt
Dog pawprint earrings
Necklace with a heart made out of a leash with a dog bone in the centre

This is it. Peak aesthetic.

[looking over crowded ballroom of people in fancy dress from my place on the stage]
I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today on such short notice
*clicks a button on a remote. The lights dim and my latest fursona commission is projected on the wall*

NSFW furry art, breasts, bondage-y 

Oh wow a commission in ordered YESTERDAY is already done

Yuffie is for girls who seem sweet and kind and also will absolutely shank someone if their friends are getting mistreated

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Lulu is for cool women with solid take no shit energy that for some reason end up with a dipshit partner

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Rikku is for people who both make makeup tutorial videos and live stream speedrunning

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Vincent is for people who own at least 2 or more albums by: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Dashboard Confessional

Squall is for people who want to like the above but keep ending up listening to boy bands secretly when no one else is around

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Yuna is for femmes who keep getting loaded with everyone else's emotional labour until they're sick of it, say fuck everyone, and go on a road trip

Wakka is for racists who say they "aren't racist but"

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