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Partway home from Ottawa and con drop is starting to set in. My scene last night was really good and I'm so grateful for it. I had a blissful sense of centredness and clarity afterward for a bit. It felt really nice to be desirable during it. I think this event has really brought out for me how loved-but-not-desired I have been feeling over the last year or so and I'm not sure what to do with it but glad at least to have a better finger on its existence.

πŸ“Œ Hey, I'm Zest! (they/she) I'm a dragon on the internet, and an NB trans gal living in Northern Ontario with my wife!

I'm workin' on making a career out of drawing freelance furry art! I was a mod on Snouts for a while, now I'm just here to hang out and be gay.

You can support me these sites:

You can also find me here: (begrudgingly)

Hi all! Happy indigenous peoples day. In the spirit of reparations, consider donating to the native focused domestic violence shelter I work at!

Second day of Pride selfie from earlier

(eye contact, boosts yes)

A secret organization inside a hidden base full of weirdos with psychic powers? Don't worry, this isn't our first rodeo. Join me and @Korpspropaganda tonight at 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT at as I stream the popular shooty explorey weird-em-up game CONTROL! #nsfw

art wip, mechanical nonsense, more colors, a butt, dragonshark, threatening aura 

(you know what'd be even better though? $16,666!! YOU KNOW WHAT'D BE EVEN BETTER, though not quite as traditionally satanic?? OUR GOAL OF $24,000!! Pre-order our queer demon smut artbook today! #nsfw

outfit selfie, no eye contact 

Being in a space where there are a bunch of sapphic people and especially a bunch of gorgeous transfeminine people being queer is just.. So fucking good for my heart

Been having some hard feelings today but am powering ahead anyway

This look feels a bit like "woman showing up to the funeral of her 6th rich husband who also died under mysterious circumstances"

Selfies, eye contact 

Selfies, eye contact 

Barista called my order as "venti pumpkin" and yes it me the big pumpkin

Selfies, eye contact 

Is a pink dress with pink collar and leash A Bit Much??


Will I let that stop me?

....probably not

Considering wearing a pink dress that I have and pairing it with trans pride thigh highs. Hmmmmmmmm

Unpacked into my hotel room

I have about a half dozen discrete tops and bottoms and four dresses

I have definitely over packed for a 2.5 day event and also simultaneously am having pangs of "oh I wish I had brought [other piece of clothing]"

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