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If you wanna be a girl you can just be a girl
If you wanna be a boy you can just be a boy
If you wanna be neither or both or some of them sometimes you can just be neither of both or some of them sometimes


If you wanna be my lover, you GOTTA get with my friends

Husky is reaching critically low cuddles

Commencing howling

Flipping my work laptop over and just going "who gives a shit" repeatedly

Now the fact that he's got a body like Arnold with a Denzel face now THAT'S something

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Which like! Those are good! And also that shouldn't be a high bar??

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Now it's playing "Whatta Man" and this one makes me kind of sad when the first two things they like about their man is they don't hear about him with other women and he makes her laugh

Omg Spotify started playing Des'ree "Kissing You" and suddenly I'm 13 and obsessed with Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet again

Tired: stuffing your bra with socks

Wired: stuffing your bra with chinchillas

selfies, eye contact 

also like.. you're allowed to be happy with your personal life but horrified at the external world. its not an either/ or situation.

may your happiness be fuel for the fire to keep fighting.

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SFW furry art, needle, HRT 

I had no idea what was behind that trap door but it filled me with dread

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That reminds me that as a young child I occasionally caught MTV's Remote Control gameshow on and when people were eliminated they had their chair like fall backwards and the person disappear behind a hole in the wall and as a kid that TERRIFIED ME

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Black Mirror episode where whenever someone is "canceled" by the internet they fall through a trap door like in a supervillains lair

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