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Okay I've done all the stress I can do today time for videogame

Gender, birdsite link 

uhhhhh, micro??? 

Request for indie copyright advice, hypothetical 

FROM THE PATREON: july $20 patron sketches! what's cookin' this month? a LOT, it turns out. thanks to all my patrons for supporting my cool porn, btw!! <3 <3 <3

subscribe today: #nsfw

Huh? What's in my pants? OH! Sorry, I left my gender in my other pair of pants.


hi hello I am Remy!

✨33 yr old griffin from Boston! I'm half calico housecat, half rainbow budgie! :D

✨My other fursona is Ina, a snep!

✨nonbinary, they/them pronouns pls!

✨talk to me about: #indycar #f1 #hockey #MTG or whatever!

✨ I like to draw! art stuff:

✨Other stuff I like: #StarWars, #StevenUniverse, reading, organizing community events, cooking, biking, @PlushDerg

✨birdsite: sportsballcat
✨IG: sportsballcat

come say hi! :D

trans PSA, apropos to nothing 

Cat picture 

normalize asking for something to be rephrased or explained differently, because communication is an imprecise art that can easily fail for any of a billion reasons

you should not need to explain why you need clarification

let me plug my patreon and my sponsus real quick again, only takes a $2 pledge to get full-res downloads of all my artwork!

thanks for all the support so far, I can finally look into dental insurance soon so I'm stoked about that

Soft reminder that there's 5 days left to get yourself a lil dergy sticker by pledging to my patreon! It's $3 and it helps me a lot! Especially now that my wife and I are currently moving. Details here:

besides the limited time sticker thing, you also get:

💙 Uploads of all the art I make at full resolution
💙 Access to an ongoing archive of all the art I've made dating back to 2014, with a new upload every day
💙 Access to my comfy lil discord server
💙 uppies on demand

Passed a sign for "Zumba Pilates" and definitely misread it as "Zombie Plates"

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