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Had a rough mental health day yesterday so spent some time drawing a Joanna being cute (and maybe flirting with a tall lady customer????)

Now after some actually good sleep, I'm seeing corrections needed but hey. It's nice to draw for me and not hate what I make <_<

I feel sick just saying this but.....there's gonna be a Rick & Morty anime.

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uspol, shitting on Biden, antiblackness, the massacre in Buffalo 

Joseph pretending to cry at a memorial thing outside of the grocery store when JUST LAST WEEK he was talking about how he missed being able to have lunches with segregationists

this man, my god, i hate him

Is it a bad idea to make a jackal sona a god?

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i know the furry community loves sexual freedom but that comes with a responsibility towards others to make sure you're respectful of their boundaries and don't expose them to shit they didn't consent to

Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition spoilers, caps 


Why are Celestia and Luna so pretty and hot?

size kink, ponies 

I love giant ponies

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there is something very sinister in the re-branding of anti-capitalism as anti-consumerism. anti-capitalism focuses critique on the capitalists, the ones with power in the system. anti-consumerism centers the consumer and their habits, shifting blame away from the stewards and beneficiaries of the system towards those implicated in it through no fault of their own.

lewd, Marvel 

Is it morally acceptable to fap to 18+ Marvel characters?

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