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Me, watching this episode of Evangelion at 15 and thoroughly trapped in gender: come on shinji it's not that bad

do you have fun using this website

Thinking of making a show about it support workers at an office but it has the tension and style of the random people at headquarters during Evangelion fights

I will never not be loud and abrasive about my opinions because my black ass has been told to be quiet too many times since I was like 9 years old and I am quite simply tired of it. literally my entire desire to critique things comes from being told that people don’t want to hear from me so I will continue to say whatever the fuck I want and that will never change. thank you and goodnight

For people running old games on modern PCs, do you have trouble with the mouse? Both Max Payne and shogo mobile armor division had a problem where the mouse often just refused to fire when I clicked both are games that I want to play but seem to not do well on my computer, despite being decades old.

Accumulating Bad Leftist Points by listening to Disney soundtracks

Theme song for the tech majors who hate capitalism and silicon valley that are on here

Omgomgomg this is /so cool/ By brushing thin planks of wood with hydrogen peroxide, leaving it out in the sun, then infusing it with an epoxy, scientists have made wood as transparent as glass in a technique so easy and cheap you could DIY this stuff.

this is a ghost appreciation post. thanks, ghosts! keep up the good work

thank god, scotland finally declared independence and is an anarchist jurisdiction

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