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To make up for two well-known authors turning out to be little pieces of shit, let's put some science fiction and fantasy written by or featuring trans people!

I'll start with Dreadnought by April Daniels. Trans lesbian superheroes written by an honest-to-god leftist.

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the sheer complexity with which Uber is designed for you never to be able to get support if their service breaks and the sheer volume of fuckups it constantly has that conveniently cheat you and enrich them are too perfect to be unintentional and it’s a frankly mechanically beautiful and utterly fucking disgusting system that should frankly be punishable by prison time

Humans are not the pinnacle of evolutionary progress but only an aberrant side branch of fish evolution.

Question for people who are blind: how prevalent is braille in the modern day? I can imagine it's still used for print media, but a person I worked with his said that most have switch to audiobooks or ebooks with a transcriber.

We joked about tipping landlords. AirBnB heard and deliverered...

Looking at it, this is the first time in years I've been able to read a book in one day. Usually it would take me up to several weeks.

But I was hungry for this thing.

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Seriously this book is the horniest Dresden Files has gotten in a while. I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure Jim went through a divorce a few years back and it shows

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The new Dresden Files book with everything I wanted it to be. Fantastic action, witty dialogue, and definitely written by a cisgender straight man.

the fact that we're getting the next book in just a couple of months is amazing. This is definitely felt like the first half of a book, but I know the second half is coming real soon.

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Corona vaccine with good immune response 

in the same vein of "if you want to be a woman/man you can just be a woman/man",

if you've got a pitch lying around for a rad new gender you've been thinking about but you're worried it won't meet regulations, or if you just want out of the game entirely, you can just, do that!! name change or not, medical transition or not, any number of whatever pronouns you want or none at all, you can just do that!!!

you don't even need to get a permission slip signed by another non-binary person to do it, but i'd be happy to do it if it makes you feel better!

To: white people
subj: stop

Message body as follows:



why would god create a being capable of having depression, but, and here's the thing, why would evolution, either

New Open Source Gender Idea:

Spitegender - an off-shoot of gender fluidity in which your gender identity is whatever will currently enrage crybaby exclusionists the most.

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