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youtube, trans masc issues, dorian electra 

this is a TTRPG i can only describe as "the best adaptation of the first ten minutes of mass effect 2" and it fuckin rules

I've never been on a website that so enthusiastically encouraged my bullshit, and for that, I'm grateful.

My biggest takeaway from The Truman show is that Jim Carrey is actually a fantastic actor, you got pigeonholed into mugging at cameras

It's wild how I've practically finished my Special Ed degree AND grown up with autistic family members,

but because I've only ever been taught about autism via un(der)explained jargon ("special interests" what does that mean? What counts?) or 1 image of 'what autism looks like' (which didn't even match my sister) I still feel like I have so little understanding of ASD. :/

All I’m trying to say is that if your character is so important to you that you view an “attack” on that character as a personal attack which causes you to blow up and scream at your friends you might have an issue

hey, wanna see the shittiest advice for GMing I've ever come across?


“We NEED ICE & Customs Border Patrol.” - Liz Warren

Bitch they’ve only existed since 2003🤨, HOW?? US citizens only started needing a passport to go to Mexico in 2007. Stop acting like these aren’t new fascist regs designed to target Mexicans in the aftermath and social disruption of NAFTA & the war on drugs 🙄.

Google has determined, based on my past activity, that I live in Brooklyn. It's because I'm a Yid, isn't it?

just a reminder that RUINER has you playing as what's essentially an armed cyborg gimpsuiter w/a hacker mistress

misgendering shitpost 

Rereading Little Fires Everywhere because... Idk, but I love it

*genie pops out of the lamp* “You have freed me! I shall now gra-“

Big anime hair.

“What? That’s-“

A huge sword.

“I don’t-“

Furries are real.

cute doggy lookin at you 

Me hating the cold 

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