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To make up for two well-known authors turning out to be little pieces of shit, let's put some science fiction and fantasy written by or featuring trans people!

I'll start with Dreadnought by April Daniels. Trans lesbian superheroes written by an honest-to-god leftist.

This was my first 30 Minute Missions kitbash; a huge construction/demolition mecha made out of an Alto Ground Type, Exa Vehicle Tank, and Special Operations Armor. I love these kits so much. (Sorry my phone camera is a potato).


magical girls are real and you can see them on Women's Wrestling

England is a prison. The variety of subtleties in the laws preserved by the sword are bolts, bars, and doors of the prison; the lawyers are the jailors; and poor men are the prisoners.
-- Gerrard Winstanley

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Mastodon, privacy flaws, account deletion 1/4 

Elliot Page has an interview in Time Magazine. It's nice to read his words, to learn about his experiences directly from him instead of baseless Internet assumption and rumor.


2021 is the year of the crazy frog come back

Passing a law that decrees all vapes must emit airhorn noises and loudly say WELCOME TO THE GAMER ZONE when you turn them on. It's to protect the children



me: this JRPG protagonist is just going to talk about changing the future to protect their friends while music swells

JRPG Protagonist: *talks about changing the future to protect their friends while music swells*

my dumb ass:

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