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To make up for two well-known authors turning out to be little pieces of shit, let's put some science fiction and fantasy written by or featuring trans people!

I'll start with Dreadnought by April Daniels. Trans lesbian superheroes written by an honest-to-god leftist.

If you read interviews with him he's not a guy who's interested in mainstream blockbusters. He's a guy who's golden life was to be what we think of charismatic now, a man who experiments in tone, visuals, and audio. he's not a man who's actually interested in characters and stories.

And yet after Star Wars that was all he was allowed to do. He had an empire to run, and he couldn't simply give it up.

I wonder if he still makes films. Just weird, small independent stuff that no one will ever see

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Kind of sucks that Star Wars ended George Lucas's career

Transphobia targeted at trans men, question regarding experience 

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Transphobia targeted at trans men, question regarding experience 


if u know me u know me if u don't you're not missing out

mostly made this instance to tool around with web-dev stuff and as back-up social media.

on the off-chance that I ever want to do more with it i will. if I keep it around I'll open up registrations for anyone that wants a POC-led instance.

lastly: mint zine

Waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain
Waiting for the bus in the rain

Heap-based buffer overflow in sudo:

- exploitable by any local user (even non-sudoers)
- introduced in July 2011
- affects default configuration

Ten or so years from now, Hollywood will make a film about something that we all knew was coming, that we all had the ability to stop. It will be in the form of a monster or a disaster or something. and at some point while government officials are talking about preparing it enclosed rooms, the bad guy will ask about how this will affect the economy.

International standardized dicks 

And of course the most Central thing that needs to happen is respect for the source material. The costumes need to be period accurate, the human actors need to play this like it's the Royal Shakespeare Company. This isn't a parody of Pride and Prejudice, it's an adaptation.

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Gonzo and Rizzo return as the narrator, delivering lines from the narration that wouldn't be able to fit into dialogue. I'm thinking they could drop the opening line.

"Every Rich bachelor must be in wanting a wife? That's ridiculous, Gonzo!"

"Yeah but have you seen who's playing her?"

Cut to Piggy.

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I'm very attached to the idea of Kermit and Piggy as Mr and Mrs Bennett. I feel like the large ham tendencies of Mrs Bennett and Piggy go well together perfectly. But I could also see them as Jane and Bingley, and seeing Miss Piggy try to be humble would be hilarious. Mr Collins is Sam the Eagle, no doubt.

I'm thinking Wayne and Wanda should be in there somewhere. They have to be right?

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Alright, put your cast in for the Muppets Pride And Prejudice. The only rule is that Liz and Darcy have to remain human.

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