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Speaking of pro wrestling, I happened to run a discord server for the king of sports. Y'all should join up! It's really fun, and there's a lot of cool people there even if it's small

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To make up for two well-known authors turning out to be little pieces of shit, let's put some science fiction and fantasy written by or featuring trans people!

I'll start with Dreadnought by April Daniels. Trans lesbian superheroes written by an honest-to-god leftist.

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Reference to an old political meme 

Posting a real funny one 

(White) Americans gotta get used to the fact that saving the world means we have to lose. It means maybe we don't get to have smartphones and VR until we can have them fairly and sustainably. It means not everyone is going to have a car, it means having seasonal food again, it means smaller houses and no more lawns and eating meat only once a week.

To save the world, those of us with more *have* to get used to having less. And we have to, have to, have to stop abusing brown people to have what we do have.

Mickey chuckled. "Oh, you mean the Chaos Emeralds?"

Racism, meta, genuine question 

one thing I like about The Dispossessed is it envisions an anarcho-communist society where even the language has changed after the revolution. The phrasing for "my computer" for example, doesn't exist. You say "the computer I use." Children are taught from a young age that if you can't share something, you can't use something.

I'm self-sufficient, I create my own problems

Gifs of a very muscular woman 

All asses look good in panties and the greatest crime humanity has ever committed against itself, is making half the population think they won't

Amtrak's new high speed train, exterior photo 

there's this poster coffeespoonie who blogs a lot, is in a wheelchair, and currently her twitter is protected, and i only lurk and read, i don't follow anyone

she's a disabled Jewish woman, and she was on several occasions denied a ride with her service animal in Uber, so she wrote about this, and as a consequence of this, her Uber driver got fired

and people are attacking her as spoiled and entitled and an enemy of the workers etc. etc., comparing her to hitler, dressing it up in left lingo

I yelled at somebody in charge. That was satisfying.

— Olon Ibeshònul, Goblin Bard

But then again I'll probably just run the mecha hack instead of any of these.

deathwatch is a no-go because role-playing as a space Marine means role playing the exact same character across five people, dark heresy filled limited by its focus on the Inquisition and a lack of true investigation mechanics, and only war is usually going to end with the player characters dying horribly.

Looking at all the fantasy flight games Warhammer line, to me at the one I would most likely want to run as a DM would be rogue trader and Black crusade

rogue trader has an exploration element about traversing across the Galaxy and getting caught up in weird situations. It's like Star Trek but you're playing is the ferengi. Black crusade has you playing outright villains and has a fun mechanic that sets players against each other.

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