@Kat Yeah, don't the player characters *always* grunt when they jump, and *always* make hurt-y noises when taking health damage, AND scream nonstop for the entire duration of any damage over time effects on them??

Like, I super appreciate player characters having voices and personalities, but they don't gotta scream for 20 seconds straight because of DoT, that's waaaay overboard

@Kat "I'm really feeling it!"
"This is the Monado's power!"
"Now it's Shulk time!"

I love Xenoblade 1 dearly, but please... The battle chatter is waaaaay too much once you're 40 hours in XwX

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Oops, I was lying on my account page for a little while, I'm 25, not 24 ;u;

I find it incredibly frustrating when someone not only contributes opinions presented as untrue facts, but also say it with such conviction that they sway other people around them.

It's gotten to the point that I barely interact with people in discussions like that anymore because I don't want to be "that person" on accident. I just don't have it in me to challenge people and tell them they're wrong, even if they're actively doing harm in spreading their misinformation.

"This hunter prowls the EDZ, putting arrows into anything extraterrestrial in origin. Her darkened green armor helps to blend into the dark nooks found in the overgrown ruins, and her helmet features a custom low light enhancement suite for some good old Nightstalking."

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Mild vent 

I read a *nice* news article before going to bed and that honestly makes me feel a lot better as I snuggle up.

CANpol (--) 

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lewd shitpost 

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first person shooter, violence, blood 

Ultrakill is a good game
I'm really excited to watch it's development

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