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Looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly Discord community catering mainly to the furry fandom? Check out Dragonstar Orbital

We were established as a back-up social hub for people sick of Twitter being a ban-happy, nazi-infested hellsite and we've grown to a nearly 500-user bustling community!

-Anti-raid vetting system
-Pronoun tags
-Opt-in NSFW/adult sections
-Allows for political discussion (but bigotry is not tolerated)
-A bot that punches nazis
-And tons more!

Spent today playing games and watching anime with the boy, had good pizza for dinner, settled down playing music in FFXIV, now we’re going to snug before bed. Today was really fucking nice <3

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tried strings on shield cat and got this interesting tidbit at the end lmao

Gonna start building the thing I designed for work tomorrow and I’m actually excited. Love building my own things.

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Except for one white mage lady who was actually tactful and cute.

Nobody’s tipped me a million Gil yet though >:v

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Gonna spend the day playing Dragon’s Crown with the boy. Might hop on and serenade more thots with Touhou music on FF14. The more I play the more half-naked au’ra and miqo girl players keep adding me to their friends list lmfao

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birdsite harassment 

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What should I play today...hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I awaken, and I must procure coffee for the boy.

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(mildly nsfw!) (also, technically two OCs if you count eve's huge paw holding the bag, buuut)

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When I get home I’m going to make a kobold yip.

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I love getting told “we something that can do _____” and then getting left to my own devices to just build something however I please as long as it does what it needs to do and does waste material.

Most fun part of my job.

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Break time AND I get my paycheck simultaneously.

Hell yeah

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