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πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone! I'm Cassie, a border collie girl who can't get over the fact that she's a dog.

πŸ₯ I bark about cooking a lot! And drawing. Also music too, come to think of it. Indie/punk rock and electronica are my jam~

:heart_nb: I'm intersex and non-binary. I've been starting my journey to transition in a more androgynous direction as well. I'll probably bark about that a lot too. >.>

🐢 I think I'm a good dog?? I really hope I'm a good dog...

πŸ–‹οΈ The forces of love
Gently draw us together
Like paw to booper πŸ’•


It's funny that for all my living in Cali, I haven't used cannabis much. x.o I think I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into as it were, like what kinds of pot do the sorts of things I'd want out of it.

Gender, family (~) 

Mom: "Your ear piercings look good, but don't you boys usually only get one ear pierced?"

Me: :)

Gender/intersex thoughts 

I honestly still worry about being kind of an interloper sometimes, since my dysphoria comes from such a different place, but if nothing else I hope that by teaching others about that distinction between gender and sex, I can lend at least a little clarity as to what they're going through...

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Gender/intersex thoughts 

While entering the transgender community from an intersex angle has sometimes made me feel a bit alone in the particular journey I'm on, it did help teach me in a really visceral way that gender and sex have very little to do with one another, and describe very different parts of an individual.

That lesson alone played a huge role in helping me see myself as more than a genetic defect, and gave me direction to start embodying an identity I could be happy in. u.u

Con mention, (hypothetical) moving 

Thinking about the logistics of driving to BLFC if I moved to Seattle by next year... It's definitely a long journey, but it's also a great excuse to do a road trip every year. cwc; We'll see I suppose~

Doodled a pic of Sydney, my enby werewolf girl OC, in some evening girls-night-out wear.

Also, she has glasses now, and I love them. ;w;

Goldie Foxx from the Studio Killers is so my aesthetic tbh. cwc;

Honestly really feeling the new American Football album... it's got such a wonderful dreamy sound that really puts me at ease. u.u


Me gaming: "This critter running on the screen -looks- like an enemy, but will it -really- damage me??"

Me moments later: "Yep, that's an enemy."

I think... tonight is gonna be a Hollow Knight kinda night. cwc

Been training myself on some digital painting techniques I learned lately, so put them into practice with this still life study. u.u First pic's the reference, the second's the final painting done using just one brush in SAI.

I definitely goofed the laces, but I was able to put a bunch of rendering techniques to work here, so it's definitely still time well spent imo~

Onwards and upwards from here. ;w;

Oof... artist friends, what's something you do to alleviate hand cramps and such while you draw? It's starting to get to mine a little bit. ;w;

That new DJ-Kicks mixed by Laurel Halo is... mwah. πŸ‘Œ

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